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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Can You Smell What the Terminator is Cooking? The Rock in Terminator 5

Paramount has announced that Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming back for T5; his opponent–Dwayne Johnson. Yes, fans we got the Rock in Terminator 5!

Gage Skidmore and David Shankbone/Flickr
“I’ll be back” will forever go down in the annuals of cinematic history as one of the best lines ever uttered on camera. With his political career over and the Governator wanting to work his way back in the hearts of action movie fans everywhere it makes sense that he returns to the franchise that helped solidify his status as a Hollywood icon.

But every good action hero needs an opponent; someone to do battle with; someone that is as epic a character as they are, but for all the wrong reasons.

G.I. Joe has Cobra. Luke Skywalker had the Emperor. Tom had Jerry.

In the next version of the Terminator franchise it appears that Arnold will (could) have the Rock!.... read the rest of the story follow the link to AmericanLiveWire!

[Want to see another time the Rock and Arnold were on camera together?]

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