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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is the Best Show of the Fall Season (so far)

Do I need to tell you how awesome this show is?

CBS's Mom is One of the Worst Shows Ever Produced

I like to look for the entertainment value in anything that I watch; not just for my own benefit, but because I don't like to just bash and be critical on my blog. That's easy to do and as a writer I like to pretend I have a little more talent than that.

But when it comes to CBS's Mom it is kinda hard to find anything of merit in that show. I'd go as far as to call it one of if not the worst 'sitcoms' ever produced.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is Good But Fatal Flaw Will Kill It

I did like Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It was mildly entertaining, but for a sitcom to set the premise for the series while still telling a story is not easy. They succedded in doing it in last week's debut, but I still don't see this show lasting. Why? Because it has one fatal flaw.

Andy Samberg--the show's lead.

FOX Has a Winner in Sleepy Hollow

I think that TV execs have learned something from the success of Once Upon a Time, the show based off of the Snow White tale. If you take a classic tale and give it an updated story line and decent actors you can create a cool--and more importantly successful-- TV show.

Like FOX has with its new sure to be hit Sleepy Hollow.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Michael Douglas Throws as Many Innuendos as Possible Into Short Emmy Acceptance Speech

Probably the biggest no-brainer of  the Emmy's was Michael Douglas winning Best Actor in a Movie or Miniseries for his portrayal of Liberace in "Behind the Candelabra." The performance he gave while thanking co-star Matt Damon was almost as good.

I'd describe it for you, but I couldn't do it justice. Just click play--you'll be glad you did.

Jimmy Kimmel Tries Not to Look at Sofia Vargas's Breasts

He appears to do a pretty good job of it. Either that or he really, really, really wants to and is trying to figure out how while not looking like a perv on live television.

Yeah. Sucks to be you Jimmy. They are pretty nice.


Neil Patrick Harris Emmy-Bombed?

Since its a live broadcast I'm not sure that 'video-bomb' is the right word here, so-- Emmy-bombed? Does this qualify as a 'bomb?' I thought they had to be intentional, and I don't think this poor guy planned on being there when the camera went live.

Anyway...check out this guy out who got caught on camera behind the dude formerly known as Doogie Howser. Good time. Good times.