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Monday, May 13, 2013

Vin Diesel: Facebook Owes Me! Billions of Dollars! Billions!

Vin Diesel: Facebook Owes Me! Billions of Dollars! Billions!

Mark Zuckerberg may want to add Vin Diesel to his Christmas card list. That might keep him from collecting on the billions he says Facebook owes him.

Because, you know, if it wasn’t for the man behind such hits as theChronicles of Riddick, the Fast and Furious franchise, and The PacifierFacebook would not have anywhere near the billion or so users that it now has today.

Social media sites like Facebook have proven to be a big boost for different celebrities (and disastrous for others). Vin Diesel has been especially successful in his online endeavors and he hasn’t even had totry very hard.

“So, when I had started my page, the only person that had a million fans was Barack Obama. Because it was first-quarter 2009, and he’d just got elected as President, because of social media,” Diesel explains. “So, when I started talking to the fans, I became the No. 1 page in the world. Over Coca-Cola, over huge companies. And it was only because I said: ‘Hi, guys, I love you.’”

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