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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Batman/Superman Movie Coming to a Theater Near You in 2015!

If Hollywood is to keep us hooked on superhero flicks studios are going to have to ramp it up. The recently announced Batman/Superman movie is a good start!

When the power brokers in Tinseltown decided to reboot the Superman franchise seven years after the last attempt to reboot it they knew they had a gamble on their hands. Now that the gamble has appeared to pay off (over $620 million in worldwide ticket sales after little more than a month) the next question that needed answering was pretty straightforward:

What’s next?

The easy answer would be to make a sequel, but the easy answer is not always the right answer. While it would likely be well received, what if the studio were to take a chance and do something different? What if they were to do something that comic book fans will be familiar with, but movie fans would not?.... see the full post follow the link to AmericanLiveWire!

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