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Friday, September 20, 2013

Coming Soon--FatTalk on TV!!!

I had originally wanted to do a general entertainment site, but there was simply too much out there and to be honest--I barely listen to the radio and I hardly ever get to see a movie until it comes out on FX or something.

What I do is watch a ton of television, and since I have always believed in writing what you know and enjoy I figured I'd just stick to television instead.

At first it is going to be pretty much the FatMan's take on new and returning shows as they start. I'll go for opening night, but like many of you I DVR a ton of stuff and don't get to it for a few days.

So if there is a TV show you are interested in or wondering about sit right down and click on FatTalk on TV!

I talk while I type. Hence FatTalk...FatType just sounded stupid.

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