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Saturday, September 21, 2013

FOX's Dads Takes the Generic Low Road to Get Laughs

FOX has been known for two things--creating some of the best shows on television and some of the biggest flops to ever hit the small screen.

Dads, the network's latest offering to laugh lovers everywhere, is dangerously close to being yet another flop flop for the FOX family.

The show  makes it no secret that it is going for the lowbrow, insult type humor which is pretty much what they did throughout the premier episode. From the bad dad bashing to racial stereotypes to--well, the jokes were all pretty much based on being offensive in some way shape or form.

Age? Check. Sex? Check. Race? Check. Homophobic? Check.

I think they tried to step out of the gutter when the Dads each had a moment with their sons that was kind of nice, but the premise has already been set by that time.

Now to be fair, I can see why they went with offensive humor here. There is a market for it these days. Lost of shows use it to some degree; I can't think of one that uses it as the primary source of laughs like Dads, but many do use it. So its not that they are doing anything that hasn't been done before.

The type of humor is not mu biggest problem with the show  though. Watching it I felt like there as no story; that it was just a collection of offensive scenes mashed together and called an episode. There was no story line at all.

When it comes to sitcoms I want a show that will make me laugh, but also tell me a story at the same time. Dads had a hard time doing either one. I might DVR one more episode of this to see if it is one of those shows that needs time to develop, but I'm not going to hold my breath on this one.

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