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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Baytown Outlaws--Nothing But Babes, Bullets, and Bad Guys (lots of bad guys)

This looks like one of those movies that folks will either love or hate.

Eva Longoria stars as Celeste. Billy Bob Thornton is her ex-husband. Billy Bob tries to kill her but fails. He does take her godson though. She hires three dudes (redneck as redneck can be) to go get him.

This kind of reminds me of that movie Machete; you can't take it too seriously and you have to be okay with gratuitous violence. Plot is pretty generic, but it appears to be done campy enough to have an entertainment value--if your cool with the violence that is (it reminds me of Crank 2 but better since Crank 2 sucked).

According to IMDB this one was pretty cheap to make. That's good. Personally I'd go for it at Red Box for a buck and a quarter, but there is no way I'd spend $10 or more on this.

Now if Eva Longoria gets naked...

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