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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

John McClain and Jack Bauer Need to Meet

There are some guys that are absolute bad*sses. John McClain is one of them. Bruce Willis got the character going years ago (so long ago I can't remember when...), and somehow he has managed to keep him going strong without making him look ridiculous (please do not get 'inspired' and try to bring Rocky or Rambo back Sly!).

As luck would have it the baddest cop on earth is back. He and his son will be looking to not die hard, harder or at all in "A Good Day to Die Hard" when it hits theaters next month (February 14; Valentines Day...ahhh...)

This one is going to be awesome. I don't know how Bruce Willis handles the stunts that he does in this movie. I wish I could move that good now and I'm a lot younger than him! Yes, I know CGI can do wonders as can a good double, but let me live my fantasy, okay??

Sorry to mislead with the title a little there, but y'all have to admit. It would be one impressive meeting of awesomeness if John McClain and Jack Bauer were ever to get together and fight bad guys, right?

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