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Monday, January 7, 2013

Arnold Says "I'll Be Back"--and Will Be in Terminator 5

This is too cool and apparently been a longtime coming, but the next installment of the Terminator series is finally on track to happen. For lovers of the franchise this is good news, but for those that appreciate its origins the best piece is who is going to be involved in the flick.

Arnold. Yes, fans, the original Terminator will be back!

I was going to post this totally awesome clip here that a fan made; a preview for the future T5 flick. I have to say that this sucker is awesome; it totally had me fooled at first. I thought it was legit. However, the embedding was disabled (so here is the YouTube link).

Apparently this one has been in the works for a longtime, but as of last December it is finally ready to go. Rather than try to tell you the skinny on what happened here is a news clip that does the job pretty good:

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