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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sly Wants to Give You a Bullet to the Head

If I was a former action star and I got a wild hair up  behind to do some more action flicks even though I had become much, much older--a little too old to really be logically looked upon as an action guy--and someone was willing to pay me for it.

I'd do it.

The good thing about Sly is that he does seem to realize that he needs to blow up lots of stuff and not carry the action completely by himself. He does have a partner in the film--a cop whose partner was killed.

Oh yeah--Sly is playing a hitman named Jimmy Bobo (yes, Bobo) whose partner was killed.

Word is that this one has a pretty good buddy-cop kind of vibe to it. It certainly helps that it was made by one of the guys that was responsible for some great buddy films like 48 Hours and Red Heat.

It looks promising to me. I don't quite now if it is going to be worth full price at the theater (kind of expensive these days), but on an IMAX screen at matinee prices you could do a whole lot worse.

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