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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tarzan Returns--Overseas at Least

This is one of the greatest stories in literature; I can remember watching the old black and white movies growing up and thinking they were some of the coolest shows made. One of the great things about classics like this is that they can be retold time and time again and still be fantastic (as long as the director doesn't take too many liberties with it...)

In this one Tarzan and Jane are going to be facing off with an army of bad guys sent by Greystoke Energies. If the rest of the movie is anything like the clip it appears to be pretty good:

There is one problem with this movie--so far it does not appear to be playing in the United States. It was made in Germany, but in English, and is set to open there in on October 10, 2013. Other release dates and locations include:

Argentina: 3 October 2013
Brazil: 4 October 2013
Germany: 10 October 2013
Russia: 24 October 2013
Denmark: 7 November 2013
Hong Kong: 19 December 2013

I can only imagine that the U.S. will be added eventually. I guess we will eventually see.

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