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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Zero Dark Thirty Looks Awesome!

There are certain things that just make great movies. Heart breaking sports stories certainly do. True crime movies typically work (although I thought Donnie Brasco was a little slow at times). One of my personal favorites--cartoons.

If I was forced to choose I would say that my favorite kind of movies are the ones that make me proud to be an American (next to cartoons); something where the soldiers and/or other members of the Armed Forces (or spy community) kick some serious bad guy behind in order to protect democracy for all (love me some Chuck Norris; Uncommon Valor was incredible).

Zero Dark Thirty is one of those movies.

It is based on the hunt for and the eventual raid that killed Osama Bin Laden. What American can't be proud of that, right?

In the days leading up to its release I've seen a lot of articles where the intelligence community is upset with the liberties that the studio took with the film. They have a problem with the depiction of a small group of people being the force behind the hunt and raid when it was the culmination of many, many people working long and hard.

I understand their issue and I appreciate that they want this opportunity for those people that would otherwise never get a lick of credit for the work they do to make our country safe. However, they have to remember that this is Hollywood still. The small group makes me sense in order to drive the movie forward and give viewers a chance to really identify with the players involved.

Don't worry intelligence guys. We may not know who you are (and I imagine since you have work to do that is a good thing), but the appreciation we have for you is never ending. Please keep doing what you do.

And thanks. Thanks a lot.

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