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Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Mama" Might Make You Cry Out for Your--Mama

We hate to admit, but it is at moments of intense fear that we often feel the most alive. The only problem is we don't want to actually be in any danger where real harm could happen; at least not on purpose.

So Hollywood tries to take care of that for us with a steady stream of scary movies. The only problem is that it is becoming harder and harder to come up with new ideas because the same old ones just  are not cutting it anymore.

It's the been there done that problem.

I don't think we'll have that problem with this flick. Yes, there have been spooky little girls used in the past, but otherwise this one is not ringing any bells for me.

The concept seems pretty creative. Two girl that somehow managed to survive in the wild (and are essentially wild) are found and then taken in by surviving relatives. No one knows how they survived for so long out in the wild, but they did.

As it turns out there was "something" watching over them. That thing is now watching over them in the civilized world, and from the trailer it appears to be a little over-protective.

This one is like most horror flicks these days--brilliant trailer, questionable chills. I like the setting of the story and the basis that they try to develop in the trailer, but I'm not so sure they are going to flesh it out enough to make it a good, complete story.

Were I single and dating I would totally go for this movie. I can see it being something that produces a few squeals and arm clutches as she tries to get closer to her "protector (me)."

As a married guy with kids my doctor bills are scary enough. I want to laugh or see bad guys get blown up when I go to movies.

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