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Friday, January 11, 2013

Sawyer is a Dance Coach?

For years I watched the show Lost  much like many of you out there. One of my favorite characters throughout the show was Sawyer--the bad guy trying to turn good while still being bad. He was handsome. He was a rogue. He was slick; good with the ladies--or at least Kate. He was the kind of guy you don't mind being minus the whole illegal activity stuff.

Unlike some of his co-stars in the show he held a little before jumping into a project of some kind. Some of the other Losties came back too quick; we didn't have a chance to miss them.

Well, it appears as if Sawyer (I don't care what his real name is) has gotten back into the game. He has a movie coming out soon--Battle of the Year.

When I first saw the title I thought it was an action flick of some kind. Then I saw the trailer and could see what looks like a basketball court; sports movie--okay. Then I clicked play.

I wish I hadn't. This sucker is about dancing. Yep, dancing.

Now it is break dancing, but come on man. Does anyone really do these kinds of battle anymore? Couldn't he get into something better? If he is trying not to get type cast then I'd say it worked.

Dance fans will dig this; Sawyer fans not so much. I think I'll pass.

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