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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Do No Harm" Might Do Lots of Harm

This one is interesting. It looks like a Jekly and Hyde sort of thing--good doctor by day, maniacal ego-maniac at night. That kind of stuff interests me; it looks to have the makings of a decent suspense thriller.

The only problem is I can't see much of a plot or direction for the show in the promos. The doc tells us about his problem--okay. Then we see--well, why don't you watch it first:

They are going to need to establish a story line here pretty quick otherwise folks are going to tune out pretty quick. Right now I have no idea where they are going with this, but my id digs this potentially evil looking stuff (it better not turn into a Ghost Whisperer; they often had evil looking plots, but always had the softest climaxes).

There are a lot of good shows out there these days some that are getting kicked to the curb for not developing fast enough to attract a good sized audience (I'm talking to you Last Resort). Time will tell...

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