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Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Coach"--a Great Sitcom With One Minor Flaw

Growing up this was one of my favorite show. The problem I had back then though was whenever a show changed days and time slots I usually lost track of it and stopped watching it. Heck, I was a kid--I didn't have enough of an attention span to follow anything back then!

Over the years I have had the pleasure of finding it in syndication and watching it again. The show still makes me laugh pretty hard! Coach Fox is great; reminds me of many of my own coaches over the years. I think I played with a few guys like Dauber. I've known a Luther or two over the years too.

However, I can see where the show began to drop in popularity though. It was a sitcom. It was supposed to be funny. After catching up with it again recently I've noticed that the program went through a spell where it was more drama than laughs--not what I tuned in for. Leave all the serious issues for actual dramas!

Here's a couple more clips from the show:

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