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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Quirkiest Darn Movie I Ever Thought I'd Want to See

I'm not into the whole zombie thing, but this movie looks like one I could get into.

It's a simple boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love kind of story. The only problem is that boy happens to be  dead and a zombie.

She is the girlfriend of one of his victims. Apparently looks, a pulse, or body temperature are not important to her. It's all about personality for her.

This looks like a truly unique film. I can't say that I would see it at the theaters; I don't get out much so indulging in something quirky like this is not a luxury I can afford (got to pick the sure things and with all the superhero movies these days that isn't hard for me).

However, it is one that I would be glad to rent from Red Box or maybe even On Demand. Should I not see it till it is on cable I would definitely DVR this its not a ringing endorsement, but it is an endorsement!

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