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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jason Statham is Robin Hood--I Mean Parker

Back in the day action movies had pretty basic, generic plots. You had bad guys doing bad things, good guy(s) getting angry, revenge/retribution sought, and a whole lot of fighting along the way. The stories were rarely ever fleshed out without the help of an extensive music montage, but that didn't matter--all we wanted were the fights anyway.

Nowadays folks like to see a little bit more in their action flicks. Often times its pyrotechnics and expensive special effects, but sometimes they actually give the film a bit of a story line and plot with actual characters!

From what I can tell Parker gives us a pretty good story to go with all the *** kicking. Jason Statham, the action man of the decade, is Parker--a top of the line thief that gets betrayed and left for dead.

You see, he has principles unlike most crooks. He never steals from the poor and he does not hurt innocent people (hence the Robin Hood reference). Some bad guy, right?

Once he recovers he heads down to Palm Beach to exact revenge on his treacherousness crew. Yeah, I know it sounds just as simple as anything that Steven Seagal ever made. However, the promo looks like there is substance to it.

It doesn't hurt that it is one of many in a long line of books written by Donald Westlake under the pen name Richard Starks. One of his other books was made into the '99 movie Payback starring Mel Gibson. So if this one is similar in any way to that one we are going to have a heck of a movie on our hands.

Can anyone say franchise for Jason Statham?

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