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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Arnold is Back for the Last Stand!

Arnold has his many faults as a man. The media has made sure we found all about that (sorry Maria; if you're not busy I have a friend you would love...). His time as governor was rather interesting. Having not lived in California I can't say if he did anything worthwhile or not.

I saw his announcement on Leno (I think?) when he said he was going to run; I appreciate that he was willing to put his money where his mouth is and run rather than be one of the many that complain but do nothing to try and fix the system. Anyway...

In spite of his faults as a person and politician I am glad that the man is returning to his roots as an action movie star.

Now I know that most folks are probably going to say that he is way too old, what in the world is he doing, can't the studios get somewhere more realistic to be an action here?

Well, in some respects you folks would be right. A dude of Arnie's age should not be doing action movies anymore. Then again, as good as studios have gotten when it comes to working with these older guys. With the right scripts, some really good special effects, and a solid supporting cast it can work.

Just look at Bruce Willis who can't stop making awesome movies every time he decided to die hard. Now this supposed boxing movie starring Sly and Al Pacino? I don't know about that one...

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