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Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Pair of Action Flicks--Parker and Hansel and Gretel--Head Up a Good Weekend at the Movies

Another weekend, another handful of movies opening up for our viewing pleasure. From what I can see the action genre will be leading the pack when the weekend's numbers come out Sunday night.

First you have a fairy tale--Hansel and Gretel--that every child has heard and knows being turned into an action-packed, gun-toting, get the evil with kind of story. I can only hope that the tale still ends with the witch getting thrown into the oven herself.

It would be kind of poetic, right?

The classic fairy tale will have some serious competition from another new action flick from the action star of the day Jason Statham called Parker. This time he has some well-known arm candy along for the ride in J. Lo. We'll forgive him for that just because he kicks *ss so well.

Also opening up this weekend is the unusual comedy Movie 43, the gamer flick Noobz, and another different kind of comedy called John Dies at the End.

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